Sunday, September 27, 2009

Paint, paint and more paint...

Whew! What a weekend!

I have never done so much painting in my life! Our paneled wall office took over my life this past week. I started with the painting last week and today FINALLY finished it all up. As if it isn't hard enough painting paneling, it isn't easy trying to paint with 2 80lb weimeraners running around sticking their noses into everything, literally (see exhibit A).

Exhibit A:
Yes, that is paint on Rhett's nose, from where he pushed his way through the door I was painting...

In addition to dodging dogs, I was playing assistant wiring technician to Gregory (see exhibit B):

Yes, that's the hubby being the main wiring technician, running speaker wires through the attic for the new speaker system he just purchased. Please pay no attention to all the other stuff in that room, it's kinda the catch all room at the moment until we are able to disperse it all...

And to finish off the night, we started painting the rec room (exhibit c):

So apparently I like to start and end my day with painting...I think I might start my own business!!

Happy Sunday!

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