Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Steals!

Another great day for junkin'! Not sure what I'm going to do with all this stuff, but you have to buy it when you see it! So what did I get today you ask? All kinds of cool things...

Several baskets. A black one and two metal ones! I love, love baskets, especially neat ones!
A black magazine rack. I'm thinking this might be sprayed white and put in the bathroom, but we'll see.
A white plate. I just like the way this looked. I think it's a charger, but I thought it would be great matched up with my new mantle decor...
A cute stool. My mom has a couple just like these and I think they are adorable :).

Some seashell pictures. These were a steal at $2.50 for the set! I love the wooden frames, very rustic.
A cool sepia tone picture of the Angel Oak in Charleston. It will be great framed and put in my future office :).
2 odd looking black metal holy vases. Not sure what to do with these, but again I thought they would be cute white, but we'll see.
2 wire thinga-ma-jigs. I saw them from a distance and thought they were planters, but the guy at the flea market told me they were used as mule muzzles? Not sure if that's the truth, but it makes a good story (and I bet they can be used as weimaraner muzzles too :)) Oh, and for 50 cents, how could you pass them up?
And, a spool. I have a couple of these already, but this one was a jumbo one! Had to add it to my collection.
In addition to all these fun things, I got two other things that I'll show you later on... until next time...Happy Junkin'!

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