Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yard Sale/Flea Market Loot!

So I ventured out of the downtown area to go yard saling and found some cute stuff! I even stopped by the flea market. Several dollars and a half a tank later, here's what I got!

- Two awesome chairs: A little paint and a steam clean and these babies will be perfect for any room

- A great metal milk crate: You can never have enough storage crates :)

- A white pitcher: A classic white pitcher to group with any collection

- Some lace pieces: Just in case.

- Some new tops: Love finding cute clothes for next to nothing!

- A Book: Great for lifts and levels

- Pork Skins: Found a great booth at the flea market that was selling homemade pork skins :) Yum!

So, that was my day, what'd you get??

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