Sunday, May 23, 2010

Let's Hear It For The Boy!

Yes, that's right...I made another song reference. I can't help it. What can I say? I'm a sucker for music (especially the 80's tunes)! Anywhoo, the reference is to Gregory's latest project. Normally, he is working on house projects, but since we are starting to catch up (and really all of our projects are just "wants" rather than "needs"), he decided to do a little side project on his own.

He had some old water skis that he acquired from his lake house and parents' house and has always wanted to build something with them. So, after finding some plans online, he set out to make an Adirondack chair! He did a fantastic job, and of course I had to share with everyone :). Below are the construction and final product pictures.
Mr. Safety didn't have his safety goggles, so I suppose the shades were the next best thing.

The dogs always "help" (hem - get in the way - hem) us with our projects...
Staining and polyurethaning.
Here you will find Gracin also "helping" Gregory with the staining of the boards.

And finally, the BEE-U-TI-FUL end result. I am super proud of him for making such an awesome chair!

The details...

And of course, being the (amateur) photographer that I'm trying to be, I decided to take this opportunity to make it look like a "catalogue" shoot :). It looks so much more appealing in front of our peach tree (too bad the peaches aren't ready to be picked) rather than on the porch with our dirty rug and nose printed, dirty glass door.

And of course no photoshoot is complete without pics of the pups :) and Duke was the perfect model! (Rhett didn't want to participate).

Sooo handsome :).

Well, that's all folks. It's time for me to head to bed! Come back this week because we've finished the dining room and I'll be posting pics soon! Night!

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