Wednesday, June 16, 2010

If you build it...well they won't come, but I'll sure be there :)!

Happy Hump Day! Is anyone else really happy that we are halfway to the weekend? I know I'm super excited!

Anywhoo, today's post is about a "first time" project. By that I mean this will be our first attempt to do a project like this; well kinda. Gregory built his chair, so we decided "what the hay, why couldn't we (and by we I mean Gregory) build something else?" So, what's on the ambitious agenda you ask? A sofa table.

My inspiration comes from the pictures below. (I apologize to those whom I am not giving credit, i can't remember where I found them.)

This isn't really a sofa table, but it could be used as one.

I think this table was from Ikea. And as much as I love Ikea, their quality isn't so hot. So, with pencil and pad in hand (and Gregory informing me that plans were a must), I proceeded to draw out my own Ikea-like table.

After the plans were drawn, it was time to go to our second home, Lowes! In the truck we go, plans in tow and super pumped about our new adventure and then...

I got distracted by some cute baskets (who knew Lowe's carried such cute stuff??)

Anyways, back to the wood for building the table. While at Lowes we realized they didn't have what we needed, so we headed down the street to our 3rd home, Home Depot. We debated for a very long time.... and looked at wood:

And laid it on the floor...

And tried to figure out what size we wanted the top to be....

And tried to imagine the boards cut into small sections because we want to piece them together, beat them up and stain them to look like old wood.

We finally got the top figured out, but what about the rest of it? Well, we haven't gotten that far yet, but it looks like we are going to go with inspiration photo number one. We thought we had this all figured out, but turns out...not so much.

So, stay tuned for our ongoing saga of trying to make a table. It may or may not actually happen...

Oh and I almost forgot. If you are looking for a fun weekend warrior project like this one:

Check out this website. They have some awesome ideas!

Night everyone!!

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