Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's all in the details...

Well, there's nothing new to post in the major projects department, so I figured I would just post a smorgasbord of stuff :).

First, we'll start with my quick and easy table makeover. A few weeks back I went yard saling and found this great little occasional table for $20 bucks! I know, I know, the leg is broken, but other than that I saw Behr's Cotton Knit paint all over it. So, I paid the cute little man and lugged it to the back of my "deal-mobile."

Gregory added a new screw and some wood glue and it was as good as new (well actually, it could have been refinished, but since I was going to paint it, there was no need). So I took my handy little mouse sander to it and prepared it for paint.

After two good coats, it came out pretty good. (It's pretty hard to see, my lighting wasn't too good and I hate a flash, but it'd'll do.) I found some good coffee table books at another yard sale and made a cute little nook display. It's not my favorite, but it replaced the piece of furniture that we moved into our entrance hall for bills and mail (see second pic below.)

This is now what you see when you walk in our carport door. It's a great place to walk in, take off your shoes, sort you mail and keep all you coupons/invitations in order. I hated seeing all those things on our fridge door, so I did a little rearranging. I thought we would use our office for bills and whatnot, but turns out that the office/craft room doesn't get a whole lot of use. Hopefully, I take up some new hobbies this summer...

This is a close up this neat sorting metal thingy that my mom and I bought at a flea market years ago. I love the rustic look of it and it's perfect for housing bills, coupons, etc.

Anywho, on a completely, non-decorating related topic...I'm super excited about my recently purchase nail color! It's kinda bold, but it's a perfect and fun color for summer. I figured "hey, if I can sport pink, why not turquoise?" So, I grabbed it from Target and came home immediately for a homemade pedi/mani. It's great! The color is Mint Sprint by Sally Hansen and it's great because it dries in no time!

Again, totally not related to this post at all, but I just had to share in case anyone else is looking for that "new hot thang" for summer (well I don't know if it's "new" or "hot," but I liked it :)).

Ok, well I'm out for now. Hope everyone is having a fun and relaxing weekend! I hope to post more tomorrow! Night!

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